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Ryan Robinson


Ryan Robinson has been playing music on Maui for more than 7 years as a solo artist and with his band, “The Ryan Robinson Band”.

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Seattle and Portland Acoustic Singer songwriter Tour update

Seattle and Portland Acoustic Singer songwriter Tour update

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lull in tour updates. I promise to be more on it, it is just that I have been treating this as more of a vacation and less of an acoustic singer songwriter music tour.   The first show I had was on the 3rd at the 99 Blues club in Seattle. The 99 is a dimly lit blues club that is a great place to see live music.   If you are in the Seattle area I would recommend checking out the place it is a great place to see live music and it had great cajun food.  The next stop was Slims in Portland, for all the Maui people reading this I would compare Slims to Kahale’s bar in Kihei. I split the bill with Micah ,of the Barefoot band, from Seattle. Micah is a talented acoustic singer songwriter from the Seattle who sounds like this.

While in Seattle I did an open mic at the Paragon restaurant at 2125 Queen Anne Ave N. Seattle. I was drunkly wandering around the city looking for place to play and stumbled apon a Jazz open mic. Open mics are a dangerous beast, sometimes they make your ears bleed and sometimes you want to make love to every musician on stage. This open mic was awesome! Every body was an experienced musician and I was thoughly impressed.  I played a new original “Follow Me” and then had the band back me up on some Stevie Wonder and Norah Jones tunes.  It was  great!  And yes, for the very observant people I happen to be wearing the same clothes at both the 99 gig and the open mic but come on I’m traveling!

best open mic ever at the Paragon  2125 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Best open mic ever at the Paragon
2125 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

The next stop was Insomnia Coffee in Hilboro Or. which was my favorite gig so far.   Being a small café that I was playing in the middle of the day (2-5) I was not expecting much but it turned out to have a lot of appreciative music goers. Cindy, who runs that place, was very welcoming and I recommend it to any one in the Hillsboro Or. area looking to see an acoustic singer songwriter.

I have 4 gigs left. So, if you are in Pacific Northwest or know any body that is, come check me out! I should have a huge drunken crazy fan base for the Hop Valley show (my parents) so that should be a good one!

Milagros Restaurant 9-12

99 blues in Seattle

99 blues in Seattle singer songwriter 

1465 Siskiyou Boulevard

Ashland Oregon 97520nd


Hop Vallley Brewery 6-8

990 W 1st Street,

Eugene, Or 97402

Smiley’s Oct. 23rd 9-12

41 Wharf Rd, Bolinas, CA 94924

Hop monk brewery 1-4

224 Vintage Way Novato, CA 94945

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