Just look at my beautiful friends, Harris and Pammie! Excited to be in love and in Maui. Can you blame them?

I met Harris and his beautiful new wife Pammie (dating at the time) almost exactly 2 years ago playing music in Maui. Now the first time I had met them, they had just sauntered in from a long fruitful day of drinking at the beach and through Harris’s slurred southern drunken mumble I caught the word “Mando”. Now with a combination of extensive traveling and my southern musical nobility upbringing I was 75% sure that “Mando” meant Mandolin.
It wasn’t until the following week at Life’s a Beach when Harris showed up with his Mandolin that I was 100% on it.

Harris turned out to be a good mandolin player from the east coast and had spent a previous couple of years touring with bands all over the place playing the Mandolin. Pammie was a traveling nurse and they only had planned to be on Maui for about 9 months. Transportation was tough because they shared a vehicle, but Harris always seemed to make it down on a regular basis. A couple times he did the 25 mile loop on a bike with his “Mando” and music gear in his back-pack. Harris was generally fun to play with because he loves music so much. When they came back to Maui to tie the knot for their Maui beach wedding, Harris had me sing specific verses of their songs for the processional and recessional and humm over the verses they did not like. There is a part of me that thinks this is funny but after thinking about playing music with him it makes perfect sense.

I was flattered to be apart of their event at Palauea beach in Maui or as the Haoles call it White Rock.

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