The maui band in the photo booth minus Ian


I had best time playing music with my buddy, Ian, at his birthday party two Saturday’s ago. His wife , Michelle , and Erica Goldsmith, of Couture Events, put on a spectacular event complete with all the delightful birthday sins a guy could ask for. It was a seventies theme party so the Maui band put together a rocking seventies list complete with all the great 70’s funk tunes. For the party we learned songs from the era like “Ophelia”, by The Band “Hey Hey what can I do”, by Led Zeppelin “Hard to Handle” by the Black crows/Otis Redding “Miss you” by the Rolling Stones and “I wish” by Stevie Wonder. The band consisted of two pianos, two guitars, a drummer, a saxophone, a trumpet and bass. We had an assortment of singers, one of them being the drunken birthday boy. As preparation for the party the  Maui band got together to learn songs for prospective singers who would be at the party. In my opinion, this is the real way to do karaoke, with a live band! If you know anyone out there who is thinking about doing a private maui event get a live Maui band to make the party that much better.  Check out Erica’s page at Coutureeventsmaui.com.

Erica and Michelle spared no expense to make Ian happy for his birthday. GoGo dancers adorned the maui band to the right and left of the stage. There was a fancy bar, with a fancy bartender, serving fancy drinks all fancy nightlong. There were mountains of tasty BBQ at every corner of the property.   There was a candy bar spanning everything from laffy taffy to gum cigars. Even going the extra mile and getting some Vintage 70”s Playboy magazines for the 70’s lounge tables! It was perfect package for a great event!



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