Why a bigger band adds personality to your Maui wedding

When you plan for the music for your wedding, what do you imagine? A solo acoustic musician on the beach, announcing the arrival of the bride in with a solo rendition of ‘Here Comes the Bride’? Perhaps even a ukelele version, making it a real Maui music experience? Maui weddings often have moments like that. But if you’re getting married on Maui, you’re also going to want to party at your reception. Consider something bigger for your reception music. A 6 piece band adds a kind of festive flair, with more flexibility and more fun.

What is a Six Piece Band?

A six piece band is a band with six members. Obviously. But what exactly does that mean when you’re hiring a Maui dance band for your reception music? So our four piece band is the traditional guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Pretty good for all kinds of music. But with the additional two you get wind instruments. A sax and a trumpet. These can really add depth and fun to the music, making the band really feel big. Put a trumpet into a song and you get that added feeling of true celebration and energy.

And Why?

Here’s the thing: you want a band that will play fun, upbeat, and romantic music during the reception and after. You want to know that it’ll feel like a party. When you’ve got a couple extra people on stage, you’ve got more flexibility and it turns into a lot more fun. It feels bigger, in a lot of great ways.

Not every wedding can handle (or is appropriate for) a 6 piece band. But for the right couple throwing the right party, it’s the most fun to bring out the whole team.

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