I had a great time at the Hop Valley Brewery Sunday night in Eugene! The brewery was a perfect match for me. There were a bunch of beer enthusiasts at the brewery who coincidentally loved my acoustic music. My parents flew in from Virginia and my buddy Justin and his girlfriend drove down from Portland. I had great time.

If you are a beer enthusiast and happen to be in Eugene you should check this place out. My two favorite flavors are the “Cirtrus Mistriss” and the “Alpha Centauri” both IPAs from Hop Valley. Chuck ,the owner, was a super nice guy who gave me a tour of the brewery and a bunch of shwag to take home.   All in all, it was a great gig. Special thanks to Aimee at Hop Valley for making it all happen.

Ryan robinson  Smiley's in Bolinas  9-12 oct 23rd

Ryan robinson
Smiley’s in Bolinas
9-12 oct 23rd

My next gig is Thursday the 23rd in Bolinas ,California at Smiley’s Saloon from 9-12. If you are in the Bolinas/San Fran area come down and check out the acoustic show!

My last scheduled gig is in Novato, California at the Hop Monk Brewery from 1-4 on Saturday the 25th.


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